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Frame Rate
Episode 14

Frame Rate 14: Spin Factory

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I am currently watching the latest episode. You guys are talking about the Star Wars documentary and were both surprised about the orignial opening not having the ""Episode IV"" in the text. I will do you one better. The movie studio was so sure that some theaters wouldn't want to show Star Wars, that they forced a package deal on the theaters. The studio said that with the distribution of the movie, ""The Other Side of Midnight"", the theater would also HAVE to show ""Star Wars"". :) I believe this was in the big official documentary on one of the DVDs in the silver box set of Episodes 4-6.

Crazy huh?


  • EXAM STRIKES AGAIN! - Seriously if you don't know what it is by now, you must watching another podcast.

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"...Matt Damon!" - Tom


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