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Frame Rate 140:


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Breaking Bad rose 50% in 4th season, AMC CEO Josh Sapan attributes some of that to SVOD.
Cartoon Network says ratings dropped 3% due to content available on Netflix.
Epix CEO Mark Greenberg at NExtTV Summit: “Some in the media business call this cord cutting. But three decades ago, we had a different name for this in the industry. We called it competition.”

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I remember you guys ragging on 'Planes"" when it came out, mostly because it was terrible and a huge turkey in the Movie Draft. For anyone who cares about quality entertainment there's no reason this originally direct-to-video movie should have ended up in theaters, but it appears to have been a great financial move by Disney.

Looking at this week's box office report, I noticed 'Planes' has made $83 million domestically and $138 million worldwide. I don't know what direct-to-video sequels tend to make, but it can't be nearly that much. While I feel bad for Tom and anyone else who bought it in the Movie Draft, as a Disney shareholder I'm glad to see they know where the money is.

Thanks for a great show!

Your devoted weekly viewer,


Just thought some of your viewers might like to know that Orphan Black season 1 has just premièred in the UK for the first time.

The BBC has just decided that we should get to see this show created by it's daughter network across the pond.

The first episode if up on iPlayer now for people geolocated in the UK.

You are now forgiven for calling it a BBC show when the BBC had never shown it.  :-P

Keep doing what you do, you're the best,


Cheltenham UK

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