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Frame Rate
Episode 142

Frame Rate 142:


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Breaking Bad is a show that some have said was a reason to get Netflix. Sort of like The Matrix for DVD sales.

Do you think that Breaking Bad is a show that could have had the success on Netflix as it has had on AMC?

I don't think so as BB has had that watercooler talk that most shows do not have thus proving that binge watching is fine for shows that have finished but not shows in production.

Oh and a title ""All's Good That Ends Bad


Would like to add some comments to what you guys were discussing regarding why people download instead of stream and how making it easier to get will stop the illegal downloading.

From my point of view, its always going to be download. My internet is slow that steaming is not always possible. My caps are small - 36Gb/month with 12Gb allowance for peak (11am to 11pm) and 24Gb off-peak. A lot of Australian ISP's inflict this type of stupid bandwidth caps structure on their customers - we even pay for uploads.

This means that I try and download everything in off peak for viewing in peak times. I have used add-ons for Firefox for downloading YouTube content so I can watch the video seamlessly, so them adding the feature for off line viewing is great.

This also means that unfortunately I (and many others) will still have to get our content from nefarious sources even if the content could be streamed cheaply

Just something for you guys to think about

Mick (from Downunder - Shellharbour)

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