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Frame Rate
Episode 143

Frame Rate 143:


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Hulu: Quick Draw

The 8-episode Hulu original season is over and I'm not sure if you actually need Hulu+ to watch it (I just happened to have it at the time) BUT, if nothing else, spend the $8 and watch Quick Draw for a month (if you can't watch it otherwise).

It's very funny.


I was hoping you guys could explain something to me. As a recent cord cutter and someone hoping for a day where all TV is IPTV, I have been wondering about the difference in technology between traditional cable and IPTV.

What is it about the delivery system that makes the two different? If we completely got rid of traditional cable distribution and switched to Television over the Internet instead would that free up bandwidth for the Internet side of things? Is IPTV really a better delivery system in terms of quality, or just a more convenient one for consumers? Where did I put my Roku remote? Did my kids hide it?

Anyway, if you know the answers and can explain them to me like I'm a five year old, that would be great.

Again, love the show,

Kevin H

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