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Episode 144

Frame Rate 144:

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First off, let me say I love your commentary on the world of cord-cutting and I look forward to your show every week.

So, here is what I am looking for that my family has agreed will let us cut the cord: A cloud DVR service where I can subscribe to different levels of ""storage"" (20 hours, 50 hours, etc). I can then subscribe to as many TV shows as I want, and when new episodes are released they appear in my cloud DVR storage. Kind of like an RSS feed for TV shows. I can then delete the show or save it on my cloud DVR to watch again, but I am limited by the amount of storage I pay for (for which I pay). Also, it would be great if this service could be accessed from Roku since we own 5 of them.

I don't like the idea of purchasing season passes from iTunes or Amazon because I don't necessarily want to own every episode when I can, more than likely, watch past seasons on Netflix or Amazon.

Do you know of any services out there that do this? Thanks for your help and keep up the awesome job.

Jason, St. Louis MO

I cut the cord about a year ago and have been happy as can be. One of the biggest benefits is having that extra cash in my budget to spend on the TV shows (like Adventure Time and Legend of Korra) and movies I love. One thing I'd love to see added to Framerate would be a heads up on early digital releases -- I opened up the iTunes Store the other day to discover that Pacific Rim was available to download over a week earlier than it will be released in stores. Perhaps add some of these big titles to Film Falm?


I tried to cut the cord for real and returned the set top box and told Time Warner Cable to turn off TV service. They offered to increase my internet speed and keep feeding me TV service for six months for free. Cool beans.


Hey guys I have TWC for internet and Direct TV since the CBS blackout I called TWC because since my father works for Shoetime on Dexter he couldn't get Dexter on our PC (wich is kinda like putting gas in a car you never get to drive) so at first they gave me a $10 discount and then i asked if there was any other promo's he said yes we can give you 30dn/5up for a year for the same price as the 20dn/2up i was getting before at $70 I was really surprised that they bent and gave me that discount for me an internet only customer

Love the show


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