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Frame Rate
Episode 15

Frame Rate 15: Netflix Has A Knife!


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Have you seen the episode of V,"Siege", which aired 3-4 weeks ago? I won't spoil anything, except to say that it involves a hostage situation.

In my opinion, that was a big turning point for the show. Ever since then, Erica has become much more ruthless and bad-ass, and the show as a whole is more exciting.

Peter in Pennsylvania

I remember seeing a post on Reddit about digital product placement. The post was an image of the same scene of How I Met Your Mother with that girl from band camp sitting there, though the re-run of the episode had a bag and logo placed in the background.

I couldn't find that image (using three search engines, too), but I found this digital product placement:

You're Welcome, Stuart

I don't believe you have talked about it on the show already, but if you haven't already seen any of the Starz original series Spartacus, I highly recommend it. Most people have mostly focused on the gratuitous sex and violence (of which there is plenty) but thankfully the staying power for the show is found with its extremely entertaining mix of action and storytelling.

This show is brought to you by the same people that also had a hand in the Hercules and Xena series from the 90's. If you liked those, then this series will seem somewhat familiar, except that now you'll see some almost comically bloody fights followed up by Lucy Lawless in a threesome.

I say definitely fire up that Netflix and check out Sparticus: Blood and Sand (word of advice, it really hits its stride by episode 3) and its prequel season Spartacus: Gods of the Arena that just finished its 6 episode run last week.

Love the show!


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"I gave up on it last season!" - Justin Young (regarding TV series : "V")


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