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Frame Rate
Episode 20

Frame Rate 20


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Derek - Netflix iOS update to fix issue with Canadians not being able to watch video?

I dont think many people will spend $30 to watch a recent theater movie in their home. And No one in their right mind is going to spend $60 to watch a movie in theaters at home. Anyone who does obviously has way to much money and needs to send some of it my way.

I watch 95% of my movies on my 20"" CRT monitor and its fine for me, but to spend $30-$60 to watch it on this dinky old monitor feels... wrong. lol.

Maybe if Apple released this business model it might work. But I dont think any other company can pull this off.

Love the show, Podcast listener, Steve B.

Just wanted to share my opinions on the most recent episode. Sorry for the long email, feel free to chop this up however you see fit if you decide to air this. <snip> Second is concerning Time Warner Cable streaming shows to the iPad. Tom briefly mentioned Slingbox in all this - I wonder why the networks seem to have no problem this awesome service when I can stream live or pre-recorded shows to my Android phone wherever I am. Is it because Tivo isn't considered a content provider, or that networks believe only a small percentage of nerds use Slingbox? I'm curious what you guys think. <snip>


Seriously, the trailer for the new Brian Austin-Green superhero movie ""Cross"" looks so horribly bad in the best possible way, it could actually open an episode of Framerate.....



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