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Frame Rate
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Frame Rate 21

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Hey, guys! I decided to take your suggestion and watch a random Netflix suggestion. Unfortunately I got distracted by the entire series of Arrested Development being on Netflix streaming and ended up watching that instead (....again).

On an unrelated note, the small independent movie theater I used to work at just started a special weekly event called “Terrible Tuesdays,” where they screen an epically bad movie and put a discount on the beer. They’ve already shown “Manos – The Hands of Fate” and “The Room,” which were so gloriously terrible they were awesome. I was wondering what tops your lists of the movies that are so badly done that they end up being enjoyable, regardless of whether you have a drink in your hand.

Thanks guys! Love the show!

P.S. I’ll try the random Netflix idea again, but with Doctor Who, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica available on the streaming service, I’m probably prone to further distractions :)


Saw this and thought of you guys on Framerate. Is this genius or just bizzare? You decide...


I join Brian as someone who is willing to pay the $30 for these 60-day release window movies. This past weekend, my wife and I saw two movies in the theaters for a total of $50. In both of them, there were people talking, texting, and just being rude in general. It was tough to find seats, and we had to get there pretty early to get them. The last five movies I've gone to, I swear I've ended up sitting right next to someone who's texting throughout the entire movie.

I'd much rather sit at home with my 60"" TV and watch a movie there. The price might be slightly higher than it should be for a two month old movie, but I understand why they priced it there. But for me, I'm already paying $6 for the highest quality vudu movies which look like bluray to me, but you have to wait a long time for those.

My 2 cents,


I have to say that Frame Rate is quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts. New episodes of Frame Rate ""jump the line"" and become the next podcast I watch. I really enjoy your intelligent conversation about new media and entertainment and I think you have great host chemistry; willing to disagree but doing so with humor and respect. Keep up the great work!

I wanted to write to you about the ""collector mentality"" that has come up on many of your shows. I have a bookcase full of DVDs and Blu-rays and another full of CDs. I guess you might consider me a media hoarder (though I'm sure there are people who have much bigger collections.) If I enjoyed a movie I will buy it. While I try not to pay full price, there are movies and albums that I will buy when they are released.

Now, my family is about to move and I look at those shelves full of movies and albums and I shudder. I think about the fact that I can get 99% of those movies via Netflix in two days and wonder if I really need them. I think about all of those CDs and while I tell myself that I should create lossless backup images and high quality mp3 tracks with carefully chosen album art and painstakingly hand-corrected meta-tags I look at Amazon's new Cloud Drive and dream of having all of my music accessible anywhere without that kind of hassle.

My wife has a wall of shelves full of books and is starting to say she wants a kindle.

Unfortunately it would cost a fortune to re-buy her books and my music digitally.

I am one conflicted media geek! Any advice for me?"



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