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Frame Rate
Episode 22

Frame Rate 22


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On frame rate show 21, you mention Netflix toying with the idea of allowing (maybe for a price) more streams at once in your household. How do you explain that I can watch a stream on my PC and on my PS3 at the same time? I loaded up farscape on my PC and Top Gear on my PS3, played both at the same time. Am I breaking the rules/ Law?????



Anyway, quick question. I have read Game of Thrones and am working my way through A Clash of Kings. I don't have HBO, so I'l have to watch later via Netflix, probably after I finish the book series. Will what you guys say about Game of Thrones of Framerate spoil anything in the latter books? I was reading an article about George RR Martin the other day and they were talking about a certain character in book 3 being in peril, which I would consider a spoiler on multiple levels, as I now know that character survives til then, thus making any peril prior to then far less perilous.

I love the show, but should I make a habit of skipping over your GoT's conversations from now on?


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"Oops! No spoiler alert!" -Tom


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