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Frame Rate
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Frame Rate 24

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You mentioned Locke and Key in the last show and it was obvious that you haven't read it. Do yourselves a favor and read them. Great stuff! There are three volumes with a fourth on the way.


Hey frame rate. Love the great discussion. Sometimes want to hug you... sometimes want to throw my ipod at you - but that's a good thing... right?

Without getting all techie, I just want to let you know that, in Canada, national ratings and audience measurement is done via a portable meter (like a pager) called a PPM. It works by detecting an inaudible code embedded by the broadcaster in the audio track of the video. So it detects ""viewing"" anywhere the person is, as long as it can pick up the code, which is then cross-referenced to determine the program being watched. This technology has the ability to measure video from any platform (TV, web-player, mobile, app) as long as the code is embedded by the broadcaster. Someday I believe the industry in Canada will migrate to this multi-device viewing measurement model (hopefully soon). We just need to change everyone's mindset... and budgets (as it adds to costs).

So there you go. A little Canadian tidbit.


I came across an interesting article in ""The Radio Times"" a very popular tv guide over here in Blighty:

If you haven't spotted it, third line down - first word. Who knew? Frankly I thought this would have been bigger news, I can't believe I missed the zombie apocalypse. I must have been really really hungover that day!

Thanks for the awesome show,



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