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Frame Rate 25

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I hope you have been keeping tabs on Iron Sky, a seemingly independent film relying mostly on donations. (The trailer is at Does this not look extremely awesome? Thoughts? News you have heard about its current state?



Here's the thing that bugs me about the HBO Go app: I don't mind at all that I have to pay the same amount for HBO for TV and Internet viewing. I like the idea of the HBO Clubhouse, that I have to pay a completely indeterminate amount of money per month to get in to (because Comcast refuse to tell me how much ""regular rates"" outside their discounted period are). I think it's fine that I pay them $X per month to get HBO, and I can get it however I want. Good for them!

But I cut the cord years ago, and to get HBO now, I'd have to subscribe to cable TV just so that I can also subscribe to HBO. That's another $40/mo, and if I keep it for more than a year, I have no idea what it goes up to because Comcast refuse to tell me again what the regular rates are. Based on past history with them, I imagine it goes up to something like $100/mo, which is way more than I care to pay for entertainment when my netflix queue is several hundred deep already.

Why won't HBO just let me pay them directly? It'd be even nicer if they discounted the fee because Comcast wouldn't need to take their cut, but I almost don't even care about that. I just want to have a direct relationship with HBO that doesn't care who my ISP is, or who my cable provider is, or whether or not they're the same people, or any of that. Come on, HBO, just let me pay you $10/mo or so for Game of Thrones! Is that so hard?

Apparently it is. Sigh.


Just wanted to add to Tom's feelings that it is really sad the Stargate Universe is ending after really getting good in this season. I really enjoyed the series as a whole and I'm not sure what I will do without a Stargate franchise in my life!



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