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Frame Rate
Episode 27

Frame Rate 27

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A question I'd like your input on... How much, do you think, the channel line-up placement w/ cable/satellite providers affect tv show ratings?

For example.. my Comcast cable has (from channel 28-35).. AMC (Walking Dead, The Killing), Bravo (CSI & Law & Order repeats), TNT (Glades, Terriers, etc) TBS, SyFy, Spike (all things manly), and A&E (too much to mention)).. then 3 channels up is Discovery channel... because I only need to go one or 2 channels up or down to find something cool to watch... I don't look at channels 12 (NBC), 15 (Fox), 21 (CBS), 23 (ABC).. I do go to channel 9 every now and then to check on USA shows like Burn Notice.. but I have to consciously try to go there.

Only other 3 channels I got to.. are for news.. MSNBC, CNN and C-SPAN.

if when viewing one of the channels in the 1st paragraph.. I pull up my cable's ""Guide"" and shows channels around current one.. then either an up button or down button shows maybe 6-9 options which I'll find one to latch onto.

Think Networks pay $ to providers for optimal placement next to another network w/ a killer show or 2?

Tommy the Hellhound... from the 8th most dangerous city in the USA to live in .. Baltimore

I really want a sequel movie to the fifth element. Ok maybe it's hard to go bigger than saving the planet. All I really want is a movie or show nbased in that world. I want to know what those animals were that they blasted out of the shuttle. I want to see more beds and showers magically come out of the walls. I want to see chris tucker in drag again, what has he done lately?

Also I watched ""Girl with the dragon tattoo""on Netflix streaming. What an awesome movie. The shooting was beautiful the story was rich the characters were ""real"". I loved it and can't wait to see the next two. I heard that they are going to make an American verion with mr kissy lips Daniel Craig. I think I will skip him.

Love the show MattBatt


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