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Frame Rate
Episode 29

Frame Rate 29:

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Sticholas from the chatrealm here, just wanted to point you guys to the teaser trailers that have been coming out for the new Muppets movie.

First we had this attached to Pirates of the Caribbean "

Followed by two movie parody teasers, I wont spoil what the parodies are just check em out 1 -

I think it's really interesting to see the Muppets make these types of references and use Youtube as a vital part of their marketing strategy for this movie. Personally i'm loving these and they feel right at home with the Muppets universe, just wondering what was your take on this!



Heard you mention the tv show Supernatural a time or two so I know you are aware of it - I was wondering if either of you have ever tried to watch it?

I find it to be an excellent show with very dynamic plot lines and facinating characters. Similar to X-Files it finds genius ways of mixing humor in with the horror and suspense.

Supernatural will be starting its 7th season this fall; hopefully one or both of you can find some time to give it a try and maybe enjoy it as much as I have.

Thanks for the great show.


I'm not sure I share your enthusiasm for Starz movies on Netflix. While I agree that some of the best films on Netflix in terms of quality content are usually from Starz, I have serious problems with the quality of the stream that Netflix gets from them. Every time I start a movie and see the Starz intro, my heart sinks, because I know I'm going to get a pretty bad looking film.

The bitrate seems lower, I haven't seen an HD stream from them (though I haven't looked hard and Netflix makes it tough to see what's in HD), and worst of all the video is usually altered to fit 16:9! It's like the days of pan and scan!

Example: Alice in Wonderland. That movie is supposed to be in 1.85:1, yet it fills my 16:9 television. The quality was so bad I decided to drop the $4 to rent the SD quality version from vudu, which then gave me a FAR batter picture and surround sound.

I adore Netflix, but they need to work on the technical quality of their content. I'm still waiting for surround sound from them...

Matt Vienna, VA



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