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Hi guys! You were talking about Pixar's penchant for violence or other content that's just too much for kids. It's not a Pixar problem, it's a Disney problem, and it's been a problem since Snow White. Disney has been making kids literally piss in the seats since 1937...or at least sob uncontrollably. Don't believe me? Watch that one again, through a kindergartner's parents' eyes. The scene when the witch is being confronted and turns into a dragon had theater owners angry at Disney for literally causing damage their property. For something a little more recent, how about The Lion King, where Simba's father is pushed off of a cliff by Scar, and the ""camera"" watches the look on his face as he falls to his own death. Not all Pixar films are violent, nor are all Disney films, but most of them do involve, if not hinge upon, some great tragedy.

Sorry, I totally screwed up my Ancient Disney Movie reference, by two decades. I was talking about the Dragon scene in Sleeping Beauty (1959). But there -is- some scary stuff in Snow White. ;) (Sleeping Beauty) (Snow White)


Just got done listening to the latest show, and I have to point out that violence in G rated movies isn't something new:

Bambi's mother is killed in the beginning of the movie. Maleficent is stabbed in the heart. The entire plot of 101 Dalmatians is about a woman who wants to skin puppies.

But, you may say, those movies were made in a different time and were meant for adults.

Mufasa is stampeded to death due to the treachery of his brother, who is later eaten alive by hyenas. -1994 Meg is killed and sent to the Underworld in Hercules. -1997 Kerchak (Tarzan) is shot by Clayton, who is killed when a vine snaps his neck. -1999

It's not just Disney and it's not just Pixar.

As much as I loved How To Train Your Dragon, the main character loses part of his leg in the final battle.

I agree that it's sometimes hard to explain these moments to small children, but at some point we have to ask how insipid a story should be to protect the feelings of a 4 year old.

Done soapboxing, thanks.


I often hear you guys talk about how theaters need to go above and beyond to provide an enjoyable movie experience in order to attract customers and how The Alamo Drafthouse is an example of how this can succeed. I have two similar theaters in my area called Hollywood Boulevard and a Muvico and I agree that these provide an awesome experience and are often worth the extra cost. However I would like to know what you guys think of drive-in theaters. I’ve only been to one, the Cascade in West Chicago, but the two times that I went it has been worth it.

In case you are interested there are links to two sites that list drive-ins by state, I’m not sure how accurate they are since the design has not been updated in some time.

Love the show,

Jalal from Chicago

You showed us the trailer for Super some months ago, and I was wondering if either of you saw it and what you thought of it. According to IMDB, the movie only made about $322,000, which I found odd considering the cast included some sorta big names like Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon, and brief appearances by Nathan Fillion and even Michael Rooker, don't those last two want to make you watch it?



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