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Frame Rate
Episode 33

Frame Rate 33: Hulu Is Hobo Cinnamon Toast

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Please fix the intro for Feedback. I want to see you go back to problem Tom, where only his head is exposed or just his eyes appear or he is upside down or maybe he appears looking over Brian's shoulder, maybe not appear at all, just mess things up like it use to be (make it broken) seeing the same old graphic is not as fun.


Last weekend we took our 7 year old son out to our local drive-in in Valparaiso, IN to see Zookeeper, (I had to support it, I have it in the NSFW Summer Movie Draft,) and Cars 2. Aside from the long lines at the horribly out-dated concession stand, the need for bug spray, the poor, borderline irresponsible, choice of intermission trailers (i.e. Apollo 18 before the G-rated Cars 2?!?,) the billowing plumes of cannabis smoke coming from the car next to us, there were two very noticeable differences between now and my halcyon memories of drive-in experiences from my youth; SUVs, and fold-up camping chairs. Everyone seems to feel this need to now tail-gate at the drive-in. Instead of everyone huddled around inside their sedans, and compact cars of the past, everyone has the hatch of their 9 passenger SUV up with a near camp set-up spilling out of the back. The drive-in provides twine for folks to tie their hatches down roof level to keep the sight-lines clear, but nearly no one used it. The only reason I can ever see for putting ourselves though this again would be for Super 8. I cannot think of a better setting to see this movie again, and I'd even put up with the rest of that crap to do so.

Also, as far as the movie ""Super"" goes, you both must see this movie immediately!!! My recommendation would be for the two of you to agree when you are going to watch it because I'm nearly certain that you will want to discuss it with each other. It's the first movie in a long while that I was still thinking about several days later and desperately wanting to find any other person who had seen it, to discuss it.

Love the show!

Richard F.

So having seen Harry Potter Twice this weekend I now understand why people would want to have first run movies at home. Its because its an environment they can control. Both times I saw the movie there were kids in the theater that would not shut up and seats that refused to stop squeaking. Neither are an issue in high paced action scenes but in movies with very quiet scenes it immediately takes you right out of the moment. At least at home I can control the environment and eliminate those problems, even if that means losing seeing the movie on a giant screen.

Also in regards to all the streaming video.being talked about. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio where my high speed internet is limited. In my neighborhood I have 2 choices. My local ISP Cincinnati Bell, or Time Warner. With Time Warner the performance is inconsistent and unreliable. With Cincinnati Bell at best I get 1.3 Mb/s (yes this is the best available package in my neighborhood, The Fiber network is taking a long time to roll out). So with even a single heavy computer user in my home the speeds aren't enough to keep up with streaming, add in my father who is also a heavy computer user we bring our data connection to its knees and would blow through most of the data caps that you have reported on as of late. If it were more reliable I would be using my cellular connection as my internet since its about 3 times as fast....

So I've lost my train of thought but I think my point to all this is that in much of the country Reliably Streaming is not practical. Trust me I'd be the first to jump if it were but much of the infrastructure is so terrible that it makes in difficult. For now I'll drop the Streaming portion of my Netflix account and continue to get Blu-rays in the mail.


Jake from Cincinnati

I love the show, and being a Texan, I tend to agree with Brian on most everything. However, I think you are missing the important part of the equation on the Netflix debacle, although Brian did touch on it. The online selection is way too sparse to make it an 'only' choice. Of the last ten movies/series I tried to look up, four weren't available at all (the tv series Petrocelli, Tenspeed and Brownshoe, Mesmer and Three in the Attic) and four were only available on disc.

The fact that movies are constantly rotated in and out of availability tells me that if Netflix is serious about being the online video equivalent of Amazon's success for all things books, they will need to keep both options tied together for less than the new price. However, if they are really just in it for the bucks, then this new plan will probably work for them. But I for one will keep looking for my 'wants' where I can find them, and if winds up being usenet or a torrent as a last resort, so be it.

Bottom line - this new scheme only works for me if the whole catalog of everything is available, all the time, on streaming.

Dave From TX

Love the podcast. You two are the most awesome podcasters on the net. I decided to take the Breaking Bad Challenge. I easily became addicted to that show. In two weeks I caught up with all three seasons. Now I'm really excited to follow along with season four. The weirdest thing for me is I was born and raised in Albuquerque, and it is so strange seeing all these events take place in locations that I grew up around.

Also, just wanted to throw up my opinion of the Netflix price hike. I've been with Netflix since 2003. I thought the concept was awesome when I first saw a banner on a webpage, and they've only proved to be the best tv and movie service in the time I've been with them. Me and my wife are paying for the two dvds at a time plan and my 4 year old son is able to watch all his favorite shows on instant watch in the mornings. We'll now be paying $5 more per month to get the same plan. We looked over the alternatives and within about 5 min of talking it over we decided it's still a better deal than anything else out there (we don't have cable, we cut that cord about four years ago).

Well, thanks again for all the awesomeness of the Framerate podcast. Me and my wife are now reading through the Song of Ice and Fire series in preparation to watch Game of Thrones when it comes out on Video.


Albuquerque, NM



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