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Frame Rate
Episode 34

Frame Rate 34: Jumping Through Hulu-hoops

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When Game of Thrones aired Brian commented on wondering how people who hadn't read the books viewed the show. Being someone who saw the show then listened to the Audio book I thought I'd chime in with my opinion.

I thoroughly enjoyed both but preferred the HBO adaptation. The story was more compressed while remaining very faithful to the source material. The compressed time is a major plus because I can go through the show in only a few days, while the audio book takes me a few weeks. Now having experienced both I'm torn. I want more of that world so do I go ahead and continue onto A Clash of Kings, or do I wait and experience the world in my preferred form? Opinions?

Thanks and loving the new studio,


Hey guys, just thought you would be interested to know that after I tweeted a recommendation for breaking bad to a friend I got a tweet from @walter_wite which said 'Within eighteen months, I will be dead'. On further inspection it turns out to be a bot, which seems to have a random selection of responses to give out. Maybe I just don't use twitter enough and that is old hat.


In 1961, the IBM 7094 became the first computer to sing, singing the song ""Daisy Bell"" (later copied on 2001: A Space Odyssey )

Btw, with new studios and all remember to plug it TWiT forums!

I don't see the value in a Netflix subscription for myself without some discount for having both services. If Netflix added most new movies and TV shows to streaming as they came out on DVD I would gladly pay for streaming only, sadly, there just isn't a good enough catalog right now to justify it. As far a DVD's go, I maybe get 4-5 a month. If I'm getting less than 8, why bother, I can get them for $1 or less at Redbox. For me separating out the plans makes me realize how invaluable each is on its own. I would be willing to pay a dollar or two more for the bundle (than the $9.99), or even submit to a cap of 3-4 DVD's a month instead of unlimited (at $9.99), but the value is in the bundle, not the individual components. I can get streaming TV shows, and better shows, through Hulu and DVD's cheaper through Redbox.


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