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Frame Rate
Episode 37

Frame Rate 37: Are Spoilers Bad?

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  • Spoiler Alert Red ! ! ! (Wraith of Kahn)
  • Spoiler Alert Plaid ! ! ! (The Dark Tower series)

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Bluray+dvd+digital copy combo packs have become a regular occurrence for new release dvds, but why is it that when a tv season is released on bluray no one offers a combo with the digital copy? A quick google search doesn't even find any conversation around this topic, it's like no one seems to notice. I've recently been very torn between buying my first seasons of shows through itunes for the ease of watching these episodes on multiple tvs and devices, rather than in the box off the shelf, but i feel gyp'd not getting the physical media that also contains the bonus features. Why is no one raising this argument.

Thanks, love the show (even though i can't listen to it in 2x speed like the other podcasts because brushwood sounds like a maniac at 2x speed)


I know it's been a few weeks since the announcement about Netflix doubling- excuse me, ""de-coupling""- their pricing but I've been waiting to see if you guys would address my biggest concern. With Blockbuster and other local video stores all but gone, Netflix seems to be the only viable source for Blu-Ray discs. This is a huge consideration that no one seems to have mentioned. The convenience of streaming blows away the benefits of DVD (a larger catalog and slightly better picture quality), but Blu-Ray looks and sounds so much better than streaming that I cannot just give it up. Is there some other source of Blu-Ray goodness that I can tap into?



So Bryan you hypothesized that sombody watching star wars in chronological order would have the experience rouined for them, well you're right. The first proper experience I had with star wars was watching the phantom menace, and to be completely fair after I caught up with the original trilogy I failed to see the ""awsome"" in those movies. Just for background I was born in 1984 in the USSR and only after I moved to Israel in 1990 I started to get exposed to ""western"" (US) culture."


I'm writing in response to your Star Wars Chronological vs Theatrical debate in episode 36.

No further experimentation needs to be done - I watched the Star Wars films in chronological order. It didn't ruin the original films for me, as Brian predicted but it obviously did spoil a lot (For instance, Luke's father.)

So I would suggest watching the films in theatrical order, and just keep it the way it was meant to be.

Thanks! Love the show!

Doug Hanna

Hello brian and tom. first of all, love your show. framerate is my favorite show on the twit network. and second, i hate HD movies. not really. i know that they added more make up for certain tv entertainer to compensate for the high resolution image but what about when an actor/actress gets killed on screen. a lot of those scenes when a character is dead when shown in HD you can still see them breathing looking at their chest. i wonder how studio deal with that in the future? make a mold of the character for props(too expensive maybe?)? CG character? or just train the actor/actress not to breath during the scene.

Bryan Lorenzo


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