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Frame Rate
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Frame Rate 38:

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I heard of your Star Wars experiment and I believe there is a third way to introduce someone to the Star Wars saga. The way I plan on revealing the story to my kids is Episode IV, V, I, II, III and then VI. Not only is it a way to still be surprised with Vader disclosing his relationship to Luke (alas Leia's relationship will still be "spoiled"), it also makes the Ewoks much easier to stomach after suffering the nausea that is JarJar. Just an idea I had that, like Framerate, is so brillant I had to share. Keep up the great work!

Joe Cassidy

I'm no longer sorry for the whole 'Caprica' thing! Why? Because, as always, Tom's asinine opinion is wrong!

The entire idea of suspense, mystery, surprise, and of course, magic, is the Reveal. A ""spoiler"" is when that reveal is made to you:

1 - against your will 2 - outside of the context of the story

When you put that reveal at the beginning, but make it part of the story, or at least make it seem as if that were the original intention of the author, film maker, etc., those two criteria go away. Therefore, not the same as a spoiler. It also makes it a completely different story and experience from both the original and a truly ""spoiled"" one.

Now, what about Tom's point about watching a movie or reading a book a 2nd time? Well, this was a good try, but not the same as ""spoilers"" making things better. Because knowing the story by having fully experienced it on your own is not a spoiler. You watch or read a second time to see what you missed the first time through, before the reveal. But this time, those things become the new reveal, and that's why it's still a great experience. The problem with Tom using this as a reason for this study being in any way legit is that a true spoiler creates resentment, because you were never able to fully experience it on your own first.

J. Bryan Holzhey, 'Caprica' Spoiler

First off gotta do the fan thing and say great show. I always look forward to it every week and it has become one of my favourites on TWIT. The discussion regarding if spoilers add to the enjoyment of something last week really got me going while watching the show and I have to say that I am in complete disagreement with...Tom. He tried to use the example of movies/tv shows that started with the ""end"" of a story and then showed you how things arrived at that point but by definition, that isn't the end of the story any more, it's the beginning and therefore can't be called a spoiler. It's how the story was written.

Going to books, before I read Harry Potter 6 I came across an article on CNN regarding it and I dumbly just clicked on it and without warning saw a picture of a banner that someone draped over a bridge that said ""BLANK kills BLANK""...don't want to give any spoilers myself hence the blanks but I practically fell off my chair trying to unread what I just read. This completely and totally did NOT add to my enjoyment of the story in any way. And speaking of movies, I don't know how many times a trailer has shown me way too much of a movie and then left me uninspired to go and see it because I pretty much just got the gist of the entire storyline in two minutes. Probably the best trailer in recent memory was the one for Inception. I was utterly intrigued when I saw it yet had no freaking clue what the movie was about.

Anyways, just had to chime in because the conversation on this topic was great and really got me heated up. Regardless of my comments above still love ya Tom. Both of you keep up the great work on probably the most unique show on TWIT.

Greg K

OMG! I totally called the big twist at the end of Frame Rate 37! What a twist! If you haven't seen it yet, it will blow your mind! (Hope that didn't spoil it for you.)

I agree with Brian that all the ""spoiler"" study proves is that we enjoy the story telling technique of knowing the conclusion and seeing how it got there. Maybe it allays our fear of reading a few hundred pages of suck (or watching an hour of suck) which lets us engage in the story.

I think spoilers have more to do with experiencing things (as Brian said) according to the artist's intent and therefore a better experiment would have been having a planted D-Bag also taking part in the study who blurts out, ""I've read this before. This is the one where the lady turns out to be his mother!"" I bet the enjoyment would measure lower in that situation.

And for the Netflix/Blu-ray question, Redbox has Blu-rays and they do have the special features on them. If you use their website or smartphone app you can reserve the movie you are interested in at whichever of the boxes near you it is currently available. Sure it's a bit less convenient and you get charged for each day you have the disc but it's $1.50 a rental instead of $10-15 bucks a month whether you use it or not.

Love the show!


Hi Tom & Brian. I was wondering if you could learn more about the Netflix recommendation engine & explain it to the rest of us. I've rated over 7,000 movies and they give lousy recommendations. The more movies I rate the worse they get. The My Top 10 section has ten movies that aren't even i my top 1,000. Maybe you can find out why Netflix suggestions are so lousy. Love the show.



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