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Frame Rate
Episode 39

Frame Rate 39: The Whiniest Revolution


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Just wanted to drop a note about the Time Warner Cable subsidizing sling boxes for its internet subscribers. while i like the idea, i don't love it because i ultimately don't believe sling is the way we bring streaming video to the masses in such a way as to make it truly catch on and become a dominant viewing option. As a video geek, I love it as an option, but even i find myself frustrated with it and if thats the case, whats the viewing experience of a soccer mom going to be like? wouldn't they just brand as online video as poor and skip it?

my longer rant is at the link above.

keep up the good work and see you on the internets,


I keep hearing about this BREAKING BAD, as if it were some great contribution to the creative arts. I don't want to lay eyes on it but it must have some redeeming value like satire or certain moral insights? Yeah maybe? Or No, more likely? You actually want to give accolades to this actor/producer/writer pouring acid into the wound? They normalize societal destruction, accept sociopathic rationalizations as ""entertainment"", cogitate on these chemical poison concepts as a viable alternative and glorify meth culture? It isn't true, funny, clever or healthy. It is exemplary of the death of meaningful story telling.




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