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Frame Rate
Episode 4

Frame Rate 4: Spoiler Alert!

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The Walking Dead

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There's a new Psych on USA, and it's something special — a Twin Peaks reunion that's also a Twin Peaks parody of sorts, called ""Dual Spires."" Featuring Sherilyn Fenn and Sheryl Lee, among others. Are you excited yet? Watch these trailers:

The cast of Twin Peaks reunites for Psych's tribute episode!


  • Spoiler conversation

First of all LOVE the show. My husband and I have been watching through all of the release candidates.

Tom I'm sorry, but I've got to agree with Brian on this one. I am a HUGE fan if the walking dead tv series, but haven't had the pleasure of reading the comics. Knowing that something big and important happens when they arrive at a prison kind if takes the wind out if it for me. I am sure I will still love it and be surprised about what happens, but I will definitely be expecting something...

Anyway keep up the great work - loving this!

Kate :)

Hi guys, love the show, blah blah [insert usual pleasantries].

I think the definition of what constitutes a spoiler is a very personal thing. People have varying levels of how much is ok to know going in to something. Some of my friends are completely spoiler-proof, and go out of their way to read up on absolutely everything about it before going in (often including scripts). Others will watch trailers, and have conjectural conversations about it, but won't read scripts or blog leaks. Then there are those like me (and Jeff apparently) who prefer absolute media blackout on things we are already super hyped for. For me, it's Tron Legacy, I'm going opening day, no matter what, I don't need to know anything, and don't want to see any of the visuals before going in. I want to re-experience that world for the first time sitting in a comfy[ish] chair in the sweet spot of the room taking it in with a giant tub of heart attack --- uh popcorn.

But I do agree with where I think Tom was going. I don't see that as your job to enforce mine or anyone else's spoiler freedom (freeness?). Frame Rate, as a show that covers such things, should cover them in as much detail as the show format would normally dictate. It's my responsibility to say, hey, they're getting ready to talk about something that I don't want spoilers on, so I'm going to skip ahead a few minutes. Being spoiler free is a goal, not a right, it takes work and sometimes an unreal level of vigilance. Or the ability to switch off your social life.

This is my opinion on walking dead spoilers on your show: it is ok to spoil anything that happened on the show. Nothing from the comics please. Love,



I would like to recommend this FX show called Terriers this Tues night could be it's last show ever :( it's only been it's 1st season and unfortunately according to some blogs I've read it's not getting great ratings

Pushing Daises lasted only 2 seasons but it's colorful world (reminded me of Amelie) and whimsical story lines filled with humor and poetry got me hooked and heart broken when it wasn't renewed

Was there a show that you guys heard might be getting cancelled? And did you do anything to try save it? Just wondering :)


Hi. Loving the show... putting you both together is perfect, and love watching you argue rationally together without getting angry you can't move each others point of view. So rare!

My wife and I have worked out you need to watch five episodes of a TV series before pulling the plug unless it's just plain terrible from the start.

I felt the same way and so did my wife... did not expect it to turn into the best TV since Battle Star Galactica before the last twenty minutes.

If you guys try it for real will have a The Wire type experience... it starts to mess with you, tough decisions turn up with some very dark humour.

I figured it as a right wing revenge theory show at first... and they didn't go down that 24 road.

Do we need to start a campaign of some sort to get you both to sit through season 1?

By season 3 you will be on the edge of your seat...

My example of it's genius... it twists and turns but is rarely predictable... and then last week in season 5 I actually shouted at the TV for the first time in 34 years wanting a character to do react to something and got the most satisfying return on my demand. They built a moment after being so unpredictable for so long...

Aghh.. I'm doing that blabber thing when you try to hard and over sell something you love. At 3 am.

Thanks for reading if you got this far!

Ian Wright


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