Frame Rate 40

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Frame Rate
Episode 40

Frame Rate 40


Opening Video

The Big Story


  • How movies get technology wrong
  • Giant computer text when hacking, technobabble crutches, space dogfights, infinite enhance, etc.
  • Spoiler Alert Yellow ! ! ! (Cowboys vs Aliens)

Film Falm




Gentleman of FrameRate. Your show is adequate and within tolerances. I remain above neutral to it's continuation.

What do you look for when a movie or tv series is being remade? Do you want an update to the technology and effects of the original while sticking close to the same story, such as with War of the Worlds, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Departed or Scarface; or do you prefer a new direction, only using elements of the original as a shell to tell a new story within the existing setting, as seen with Battlestar Galactica, Alice in Wonderland, Tin Man or Planet of the Apes?

I hope you found the beginning of this email to be a refuge from the tiring acclaim each other missive has brought you. If my apathy has not been a strong enough antidote to the litany of praises you oft-receive, I will be sure to start the next email with stern admonishment.



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