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Frame Rate 41: Mad About Ads


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Just downloaded your show from Dragon*Con, and wanted to vent some of my frustration about the way tech is portrayed in TV. My wife hates this, but I can't help but point out the problems with certain TV shows- we'll be watching some crime drama and I'll find myself saying ""It doesn't work like that"". I try to suspend my disbelief, but sometimes it goes too far. I recently watched the show 'Prison Break', the beginning of which was pretty good. I love shows that highlight the extremes of human ingenuity. But by the 4th season they suddenly find themselves using a fictional device the size of a cell phone that ""sucks up electronic data like a black hole."" I couldn't take it- I kept asking 'how the @#$%$ does that work?' and such. We soon had to stop watching the show.

I think these sort of things bother me the most- I can accept it in Star Trek, or Stargate; anything set in the far far future, or based on alien tech, but when you present to me something that is so far out of the realm of possibility existing today, it begins to bother me. Just had to throw in my 2 cents.


Like you and the rest of the Internet, I've been bummed out about the recent Star Wars changes on the upcoming blu-ray release. I agree that Lucas has the right to alter his own movies, but not allowing fans to have a decent release of the original films is outrageous. Thankfully, there is a small community of Star Wars fans over at who have been hard at work preserving Star Wars since, at this point, it's clear George Lucas has no intention to.

Several of the site projects involve crowd sourcing existing 35mm prints of the trilogy in order to have a transfer done themselves (which due to expenses and legal reasons may never see the light of day).

Other projects include fan despecializations in HD of the entire original trilogy. The particular one I looked at was done by Harmy, who took a handful of existing sources of each film, including HD television broadcasts, 70mm cell scans, upscaled versions of the laserdisc release, and more in order to compile the best of each source to more accurately represent the original, untouched films. The quality of work and time spent on this project makes it a worthwhile look for any Star Wars fan, especially those who are frustrated with the recent blu-ray news.

Jon Tilton

Feel free to shorten this e-mail. Here are some links:

Preservation forum:

Explanation of changes for HD fan despecialization:"


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