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Frame Rate
Episode 5

Frame Rate 5

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Hey Tom and Brian, (at least I think it's Brian, can't tell without 'the hair')

I was thinking since there are different levels of tolerance as to what is or is not a spoiler, I thought about a graded warning system ala the Homeland Security system would be good. Here are the general guidelines that I formed listening to your opinions and the ones from the e-mails on episode four.

Severe: Critical plot points Will destroy the experience of the viewer. High: Non-critical plot points Specific events in the story which may alter expectations. Elevated: Non-specific information Viewers will understand while outsiders won’t. Non-plot specific. Guarded: Production information Not readily known or published. Low: Promotional materials Information from Commercials, Trailers and Press releases

Steve Conning, Tokyo, Japan


Production Information

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