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Frame Rate 50:


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First, a show routinely described by its hosts as ""about cord-cutting"", without a host that has actually cut the cord is cray-cray. Isn't Sarah Lane a cord cutter? There must be a few hanging around the studio... As a cord-cutter for years, I'd like to see at the very least short, pre-recorded segments of interesting work-arounds, digital antennae reviews and reception tips, etc. from someone who is living the fantastic-ness and frustration of the cord-cutting lifestyle.

Second: All that cord-cutty stuff can wait, because you really must stop everything and devote your entire next show to a non-stop, one breath rant about The Walking Dead. Seriously. The Walker in the Well. The ""CUT TO: Group pulls up 10' of rope. CUT TO: Glenn rises 3"". CUT TO: Group pulls up 8' of rope. CUT TO: Glenn rises 2"" "" stuff was the sort of film-making-for-people-who-dont-pay-attention you'd expect from CSI: Miami, not AMC. Would that fly on Breaking Bad? No. Would it fly last season? I think, no. Is it all Darabond's exit? Who knows, but this show is off the rails. Discuss...

And thanks for a great show.


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