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Frame Rate 51:


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I was just watching Castle, a guilty pleasure of mine. I have been a fan of Nathan Fillion for years, and aside from it's weird 'Murder She Wrote' meets 'Law And Order ' vibe, it's a pretty geeky show. It really hooked me at Halloween last year when Nathan showed up in his Capt. Malcolm Reynolds outfit. In the show, someone asks him what he's supposed to be. He tells them 'a cowboy. A cowboy from space' and the response is: 'Didn't you wear that like 5 years ago?'

Anyhow, wanted to share that and ask you guys what your guilty pleasures are. Love the show.


I disagree with Brian about walking dead. I'm still enjoying the show. I am concerned by Robert Kirkman who I quote ""I work on the TV show, I'm in the writers room, and it's fun for me to look at it as a do-over. I can fiddle with things. I can play George Lucas, if you will, and I can think, 'Well, what would happen if Shane had lived? How would that change things?'

I have an unrelated question regarding TubeTops. I enjoy mindless comedy's from time to time. I was a big fan of My Name is Earl when it was on and am very high on it's spiritual predecessor Raising Hope. I can't recall you guys talking about the show, but I didn't listen to the beta's. It's now on netflix.

Insert segway to commercial.

Thanks, love the show and your network. Brian you're insane for flying to SF once a week to do game on.


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