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Frame Rate
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Frame Rate 53:


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Fellas thanks for the advice about cutting the cord. I wonder what you would do in a real world example.

Let's say you have good internet speed at home, an unlimited data plan on your phone and various electronic items at home (ie XBOX, laptop, tablet)

The Challenge You have $150 for initial signup/setup cost and a budget of $150 per month for electronic services, where do you spend your money?

Example of options ( Audible account, Roku, Xbox Live, Netflix, Spotify, Hulu plus, Apple TV, Blizzard Account, Cable) Feel free to use different values based on your local cost of living.


I'm sure you've seen this, but does this make the decision to cut the cord any easier since your main concern was allowing your kids to watch tv unsupervised?

Sandy from St. Louis

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