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Frame Rate
Episode 55

Frame Rate 55:

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Loving the show. I am a non-comic Walking Dead viewer that watched the entire series in 2 days at Thanksgiving. Maybe it was the fact I wanted to avoid the in-laws, or what but I really dd not feel the slowness or let down that everyone has been mentioning. Perhaps I do not see the issue because I watched all 12 episodes one after another. I thought the second season gave the characters time to develop and provide a view into their emotional state. All of this could provide fireworks in later seasons.

Anyway, food for thought and it comes down to the age old question, sit down dinner or buffet, which provides a better drama?

Now I understand the spoiler alert sections!


Rodney Raleigh, NC

A few months ago on your podcast, Brian mentioned how he enjoys finding videos for his kids on YouTube, but was worried about accidentally stumbling onto inappropriate content (ie ""Dora the Explorer"" dubbed with vile language). At the time, I was working on an app with this exact problem in mind, and wanted to share it with you now that it's up and running in the Apple App Store.

Looking Glass Children's Videos is an app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, featuring original 3-5 minute videos for kids 2-8 that let them learn about hundreds of topics, from cupcakes to hot air balloons to tow trucks and more. All of our content is designed to be fun, informational, and engaging, and we work hand-in-hand with a noted psychologist to ensure that everything about our videos - from their length to the topics to how the information is presented - is done with children in mind.

Looking Glass delivers 3 high-quality, new videos every week to your iTunes account for a monthly subscription of $3.99. Our interface is simple and kid-friendly, with the library of videos serving as a safe environment that kids can explore on their own.

You can check out the app in the iTunes Store at, where you can download the app for free and get 5 example videos. You can also check out a few video snippets of the videos we've produced on our YouTube page:

Thank you, and thank you for the show!


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