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Frame Rate
Episode 56

Frame Rate 56:


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Another Big Story

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After many times hearing you speak about Breaking Bad on twit shows, i decided to check it out. HOLY CRAP, now I'm addicted. Which is why i hate you. Being a truck driver its hard to keep current. I have the first three seasons on DVD. When i heard 4 was released, ive called every walmart in every major city I've passed. This show is worse than crack and the 3rd season ended with a OH GOD WHEN IS SEASON 4 STARTING moment. I do have netflix but truck stop Internet as you can imagine isn't great.

Just though I'd let you know. Keep up the show. Lets stick it to the man and all that... By the man i mean the cable/satellite companies, and the GOVERNMENT...

Cord Cutter / Trucker

Since I was doing the numbers I decided to compile them for a line graph in Google docs, might tell you which way this is heading :)


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