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Frame Rate
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Frame Rate 58:


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So, this past Sunday, the first episode of the second season (series) of Steven Moffat's excellent "Sherlock" aired on BBC One, and since I live in Dallas, that doesn't do me one lick of good. No amount of money, which I would GLADLY pay can convince the BBC to allow me to view this program. Are the executives honestly so stupid that they don't realize how things are? Is it really the situation that they don't know that there are many hundreds of thousands of us out here who would gladly pay a few dollars to purchase this program?

Until they come to their senses, screw 'em. I downloaded it illegally, and it was fantastic! I know you guys don't normally indulge in that, but given the circumstances, I hope you do the same.

I have a firm belief that eventually all of this sort of silliness will stop, and I believe that programs like Frame Rate will be helpful in educating the public (and eventually, Those Who Make These Choices) about how messed up this whole system is.

Keep up the good work, and I hope you enjoy Sherlock before May!


A movie called The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has been in theaters for several weeks now. And not a single torrent, cam, or screener has been leaked. Believe me, I've checked.

What better proof to show that studios don't Need new legislation to protect their content. Its obvious the studio that put this movie out has taken steps to prevent the movie leaking. Using im sure, offensive hacking and planting of bogus torrents and files. Just factor it in as a cost of doing business.

I believe that studios bear some of the responsibility in protecting their products. I mean, you can't leave your wallet on the train and not expect to get robbed.

Keep up the good work. Wait, i take that back: I spent a good hour trying to find the Framerate email address. So read my dang email on the show!


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