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Frame Rate
Episode 6

Frame Rate 6: How Good Is Tron's Legacy

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The Big Story

  • Tron Legacy - Wrapup and review
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Another Big Story

  • State of Television in Indonesia

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What Were Watching



Thanks a lot for the breaking bad tip, I have watched all 3 seasons in the past week and it is by far the best Tv show i have ever watched... thanks again, as I never would have found it if i wasn't listening to the show :)...

Walking Dead was great too, if a little short..


Just a quick suggestion for a show segment. Nextfiix streaming picks. Because theres a lot of new instant moves but must of the suck.


Thank you for recommending Fluke Flix. I decided to take the Fluke Flix challenge after it being mentioned on Frame Rate episode 5. I downloaded the app for my iPad and told it to select a random movie. It gave me "The Chase" from 1966 starring Marlon Brando, Robert Redford, and Jane Fonda. I added it to my NetFlix queue and watched it last night. It was quite good with a pretty awesome performance from Marlon Brando. Here is the blurb for the movie from the NetFlix page:

When Bubber Reeves (Robert Redford) escapes from prison, he finds he's being chased by more than just his Texas hometown's sheriff (Marlon Brando). Also hot on his trail is oil tycoon Val Rogers (E.G. Marshall), who wants Bubber eliminated to conceal the affair his son has been having with Bubber's wife (Jane Fonda). Soon, the entire town turns into an angry mob, but Sheriff Calder aims to keep Bubber alive in order to bring him to justice.

This movie is definitely worth a rental. Again thanks for the Fluke Flix challenge. Love the show and take care.

Mike / IceWarm


  • Ad Time: 27:33

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