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Frame Rate 61:


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I wanted to get your feedback on something. Some movies are sold as a 3-pack of Blu-ray, DVD, and digital copy. How do you guys feel about breaking up the 3-pack? For instance, if I buy a Disney movie and keep the Blu ray, give the DVD to my daughter's grandmother, and give the digital copy disc to a friend, is that kosher? All parties would keep their respective discs permanently. Even better (or worse), what if I sell the various discs?



After watching your show this last spring and seeing how excited you were for Game of Thrones on HBO i decided to listen to all 193 hours of the Song of Ice and Fire audiobooks. it took six months, but I did it. George R.R. Martin is amazing. Roy Dotrice is the man. the world, the characters, and the scope of the story are incredible. Time to get caught up on the HBO series before season two starts.

I really enjoy your show and insights, keep up the great work. Now excuse me while I try and find my Dark Tower Series CDs.


Guys, regarding the discussion about Ultraviolet and Justin's rant that Paramount and the other studios are stupid and that is why their attempts at online distribution is failing.

I beg to differ: the studios know exactly what they are doing. They are attempting to make a ""legitimate"" online distribution service, but doing in a way that is *supposed* to fail. While the DRM is advertised to be easy to use for multiple devices, there will be significant hiccups to ""accidentally"" annoy a large number of users. Combined with making the prices higher than Blu-ray, this is a recipe for rejection in the marketplace. Then the studios can cry to Congress about how they tried to do business online to complete with file sharing, but those blasted kids on the Internet only want stuff for free, so damn it we need SOPA / PIPA / whatever comes next!

Maybe I'm being too conspiratorial, but it seems to me that the studios are more than willing to sacrifice a ton of money trying to demonstrate why they should be allowed to demand that the Internet be neutered, in order to preserve their business model of shipping plastic discs instead of competing with downloading or streaming services, legal or otherwise.

P.S. I am the "Star Wars virgin" from last year. I'm still planning to watch the movies in Lucas' order (prequels first, followed by original trilogy), but I have to find a working VCR to play the VHS tapes of the old movies. Maybe I should just download them? :-)"


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