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Frame Rate 62:

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Stop me if you've heard this lament about Netflix's apparent denial of the existence of the English speaking Caribbean before...

I am a Jamaican Netflix subscriber and had been looking forward to ""Lilyhammer"" since I first saw the trailer. When I 'tuned in' however, there was one small problem. Netflix in the US, Canada and UK have English subtitles for the Norwegian dialogue; the Latin American/Caribbean territories get subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and None. Yes, Netflix has gone out of their way to TAKE OUT a language made available everywhere else.

Taken another way, if they have Spanish and Portuguese subtitles, why not make those available in other regions as well? This is localization run amok.

Statistically speaking, we are probably too small to matter to Reed Hastings and Co. but if this is how they plan to handle localization expanding into other regions, I don't think the cable companies of the world have anything to worry about.

Thanks for listening, love the show.


I dont have cable so i was glad i could legitimately watch super bowl on Sunday. i turned on the pregame show and left it on the background for hours and hours. being able to look at different field cameras was cool but i was still let down. for the entire night i think they only played 5 unique commercials. If you've ever watched tv content with ads online, you'll learn quickly how they really only have 1 or 2 sponsors and get sick of them very fast. Every ad break had dwight from the office telling you to click on his but to watch the toyota commercials.

i became suspicious during the 2nd quarter and turned it off when they didn't show the halftime show, but showed some interview with 2 (names unknown to me) sportsey analyzey guys. I think the livestream was a last minute decision to test the tech, to make sure it could work for the Olympics. they obviously didn't plan ahead enough to secure the rights to air everything.

yes i should be glad its a step in the right direction, but its clear I'm still a second tier viewer, fiddlesticks.


Just wanted to drop you a quick note to mention that I just saw that the second series of Sherlock is now available on the Canadian iTunes store. Unfortunately, it does not seem to have crossed into the US yet from what I could see if I switched my country.

But at least now you can just drive to Canada instead of flying across the Atlantic to legally buy them :)

Keep up the good work on a great show!


The BBC iPlayer is designed to serve 60 million UK residents, not 300 million American pirates. Not only are you still accessing content just as illegally (regardless of whether you feel less dirty by using an unnecessarily convoluted method), you are also adversely affecting legitimate paying users of the iPlayer. Next time, please torrent Sherlock instead of piggybacking onto the iPlayer and encouraging other Americans to do so as well.


Guys, I'm begging you here. Please. Please please please. Enough with A Game of Thrones already. I get it - you like it. This is why I stopped listening to Sword and Laser two years ago and haven't gone back. I have many (MANY) problems with A Game of Thrones and the author himself which I will not go into here, but I just can't listen to this again. I love you guys but when things like this bump into my ideals I am unwilling to compromise, so if other people insist on talking about them my only recourse is to stop listening.

Love the show otherwise.


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