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Frame Rate
Episode 63

Frame Rate 63:


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Just remember Netflix announced they would not be coming into the Aust NZ region due to low broadband penetration AND the lack of regional rights - none to be had.

So HBO might be thinking to set up and sell to NetFLix... You never know...


On recent episodes of shows like Framerate and TNT, I have been hearing frequent mentions of gesture and/or voice control for televisions, most often relating to the mythical Apple entry into the TV market. Am I the only one who thinks this is an absolutely horrible idea? Does anyone really want to listen to their partner who channel surfs during commercials sitting there going ""channel up, channel up, channel up, channel up..."", or watch them flailing around wildly to accomplish the same goal?

This just strikes me as a marketing strategy in an attempt to solve a ""problem"" that does not exist. I already have a gesture to control my TV. It's called picking up the universal remote, pointing it in towards the TV, and pushing the appropriate button. It requires a bare minimum of effort (probably less than a gesture), it's silent, and it works correctly every single time. Am I missing something here?

Thanks and keep up the great work!


Just wanted to know if Tom still watches Being Human. Both versions aired new episodes in the past two weeks.

Major changes in the cast of the UK version, and totally new character arcs in the US version.

Your opinion would be great.

Keep on rating those frames.


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