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Frame Rate
Episode 67

Frame Rate 67:

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I was listening to show 66 where you were talking about skipping the pre-roll ad. I agree we you that idea of typing in the message is flawed, but I do understand why the advertisers what to put this into place and why they have an issue with the skip button. The advertisers what to know that when they pay the money for that ad their message has gotten across and that viewer remembers the brand.

As you were discussing this I thought of a solution that might meet both the consumers and advertisers needs. You build a hybrid system. When an ad comes up there is a set of radio buttons to the side of the video. The radio buttons are for three or four of the brands that advertise with the video provider. If you click on the button for the brand that is being advertised then the ad skips, if you pick wrong the ad plays all the way though. This way the advertisers get you to think about their brand and the viewer does not have to sit thought the same ad for the 500th time.

I would not be surprised if this in fact made a strong impression than the ad alone because you have to actively think of that brand, instead of just tuning out an ad. What do you guys think?

Love the show, keep up the good work



Enjoy watching your podcast each week keep up the good work. You often mention cord cutting and using streaming media. This is something that interests me but that I don't understand how it work from a practical aspect, such as what equipment I would need to get both streaming and local broadcasts, how to set it up to record both for playback on a DVR like device. A video showing how to setup a home theater for cord cutting or a link to a video showing this would be appreciated."

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Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Carolyn McCormick

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