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Frame Rate 68:

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Dear Pinky and the Brain and Jason. Tony edit this out, I heard about Danger 5 on frame rate. it looked great. i saw the first few episodes and loved it. on wednesday night (date of writing this) i was poking around on an Australian tv website and saw an ad for ""danger 5 9:30pm sundays"". Curious I clicked it and was quite surprised. Danger 5 was not a web series, it was a full blown TV show. It cut up episode 0 and put them as 5 min YouTube clips before its season began. I'm glad the show got a chance but I'm now disappointed because as someone not living with kangaroos and didgeridoos, I'm going to have to ""obtain"" it.

I'm glad they ended up putting that first episode online, i was able to find out about it and like the show now. Thats also how i got into battlestar galactica. my brother came home one day and said ""you have to see this new sci-fi show. these military guys are running from these killer robots and dont sleep for like 100 hours, they have to keep warping away but the robots keep coming you have to see it"". since the first episode was on or whatever i jumped right in and was a fan for most of the shows run.

With extreme prejudice,


I know I won't be the only one to write in and say this but I actually had to jump back and re-watch a section of Frame Rate 67 when I heard you talking about Misfits on Hulu. From your description you seemed to imply that Misfits is a web-based property and that the networks considering to try and re-work it is a triumph for web-video, but I feel it is important to keep in mind that Misfits is a Channel 4 property, one of the largest broadcasters in the UK and that while it was originally a cable show (not technically broadcast) it was created by a group that is definitely old media.

On a related note I am skeptical about what form the adaptation might take, while Channel 4 was once considering moving it to their main Channel in the UK, the FCC has very different views on what's broadcast-able, bear in mind that this is essentially cable content, I wouldn't be surprised if they get less than 15 minutes per episode out of the re-edit, and they are only short seasons to begin with.

Love the show, been watching ever since Frame Rate rated its own RSS Feed.

Keep up the good work.


J.R. from Trinidad and Tobago, as you might expect I am not able to get a lot of online content because of my location. My question is why?

I understand that sports is locked or blacked out of a region to encourage ppl to go to the stadium, or shows that depend on ad revenu only showing in the market where they are advertising.

However what is the motivation for a movie studio restricting its movies to particular countries? Would it not be to the movie studio's advantage to sell their movies to the largest audience possible? Please explain.


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