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Frame Rate
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Frame Rate 69:

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"Hey guys, I'm a big fan of the show and haven't written in a while. I'm not only a huge TWiT fan but also an analyst at Nielsen, so when I heard you talking about the Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings last week I thought I'd write in. Caveat- I do not work directly with this service and I am not a specialist in online measurement or media buying.

First, let me assure you, Tom, that OCR is about online ratings. The language around ""campaign ratings"" makes sense when you just think about this in terms of Nielsen's target audience- marketers. These metrics are primarily for the buyers and sellers of advertising space, but ""ratings"" have made their way into the general culture as a short-hand for ""popularity"", and if successful this should be no different. [Insert tirade about the need to breakdown the distinction between TV and Online; convergence of ""cable"" and IP TV; growth of online ""networks""; a la carte pricing; etc.]

Second, let me tell you a little more about my limited understanding of how this works. Nielsen partners with an advertiser (e.g. Unilever) and tags their online ads. Each time that ad is delivered Nielsen gets a ping and adds the impression to a census level count. Separately, an encrypted ping also alerts a data provider (e.g. Facebook) who then assigns an age and gender to the impression. The site where the impression rendered is not visible to the data provider. Over time the data provider accrues these anonymized pings and delivers aggregated summary files (not personalized data) to Nielsen. Nielsen combines this summary with the overall census impressions and uses corrections based on our panel to come up with an accurate metric.

The first wide-scale release of findings will be tomorrow at the Advertising Research Foundation's annual convention in New York: .


You may have discussed the subject on an earlier show, but why no YouTube on the roku?


Thanks for previously reading my email on the air. I had asked you guys when I should jump in because it was too hard to watch the cancer storyline of Breaking Bad after losing my father to cancer not long before watching it.

In my original email I had said that I'd watched the first two seasons, but clearly I was not remembering correctly. I recently watched the whole series with my wife, and had not seen any of season 2. It's been a while since losing my father, so it wasn't as hard to watch the show this time around, and I was glad I gave it another shot because I loved it (as did my wife), and can't wait for the next [last?] season to air.


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