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Frame Rate 7

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I saw the first two episodes of The Cape on Hulu, and I found it to be mostly okay, but a little annoying. It felt like the creators tried to create a Batman-like character, but the main villain with the fake contact-lenses is irritating, and The Cape's training highly unbelievable, given how quickly he becomes so proficient at everything. My main reason to watch the show was Summer Glau as one of the main characters, but her talents seem to be wasted. On the other hand, the premise of private military firms taking over domestic security seems very real and highly probable, given what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. I will give the show a couple more chances, and I hope it will improve. I would love to hear your opinions.


Just wanted to let you know there's some info out for Series 2 of Sherlock! I just watched the first series this week:

Moffat gave three hints: He remains tight-lipped about what lies in store. You can have three words to work from," he laughs. "Adler, Hound, Reichenbach. Those are your clues."

(He also mentioned a bunch of stuff about Dr. Who, but I haven't gotten into that series yet. )

Geeks of Doom gave some really interesting commentary on the hints. You can deduce quite a bit from Moffat’s three-word clue. Here’s my deduction: “Adler” means we’ll meet Irene Adler, the only woman to ever outsmart Sherlock Holmes and to attract his interest. The character appeared in only one Holmes story, “A Scandal in Bohemia,” so either we’ll get an episode based on that story or, like the Guy Ritchie/Robert Downey Jr film Sherlock Holmes, Adler will be inserted into an all-new adventure. “Hound” is a reference to the popular story The Hound Of The Baskervilles, while “Reichenbach” is Reichenbach Falls, where in The Final Problem, Holmes famously faces off with his archnemesis Professor Moriarty.

I'll be eagerly awaiting the new series later in the year1

Anthony aka Straussberg in the ChatRelm

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