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Frame Rate
Episode 70

Frame Rate 70:

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"I'm not sure if you guys have ever mentioned Shameless on the podcast. It airs on Showtime. Its second season just finished airing. It was just renewed for its third season. It's a remake of a UK show of the same name.

It stars William H. Macy as a perpetual drunk living with his dysfunctional family played by a great group of supporting actors in the slums of Chicago.

I think it's worth checking out.


All this talk of dvd's and physical media being dead is absurd. I live in the Los Angeles area and I take the train to work every day. And every time, there are many people selling pirated dvd's out of a backpack. These are usually sold for around $5 each. They have around 40 dvd's in plastic slip cases. The sellers usually sell out of their product on a daily basis.

Granted, these are usually cams and screeners of movies out in theaters, but the dvd format is what these people are buying.

While $5 may seem a little low for studios, in the end, they are probably still making money. Besides, how much does a dvd actually cost to make for a studio? .30 cents? They could lower their costs by doing things like cheaper and lower quality packaging. Similar to the transitions the music industry did with cd's. They were originally packaged in large long cases. Over the years, they transitioned to eliminating the large boxes and going with the smaller jeweled cases. Perhaps a similar approach can be taken. smaller cases, stripped down movies without extras, only the movie itself. Put a bunch of commercials in the movie. No chapter skips and menu selections so you have to sit through the ads.

I think they could do it. They just have to get creative.


I would love to cut the cord. If I paid for only the channels I watched my cable bill would be $10 and not $90. But there a couple of things standing in my way, the biggest one being my wife..... I am a geek in a world of muggles I have no problem searching through bad interfaces to find the show I want, I have no problems coping with the occasional buffering, etc... But if you can't just turn on the TV and watch it then my wife will never be happy. Literally if their are too many trailers on a DVD then it get's turned off, if heaven forbid we actually have to choose what to watch then nothing gets watched. I bought the WD network media player to make life easier than using the PC, but that was too complicated. If I ever manage to get over that hurdle to cutting the cord then the more typical reasons still prevail, here in Canada there are not enough streaming services to compensate for losing cable, I have one over the air channel option. I live with a 120Gb bandwidth cap and even to get that I had to argue with Rogers, they wanted to give me 60Gb, until I threatened to leave them. In order for me to enjoy Game of Thrones I have to pay for the movie network to get HBO another $25 a month. So I guess I will have to wait for the DVD release to watch it. On to a morality question, if paid my TV license fee for 30 years is it ok for me to watch the new season of Sherlock now that the BBC is creating good quality shows.. If you get the chance then check the new BBC show Dirk Gently, I think Tom in particular would enjoy it. Have fun and again love the show,


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