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Frame Rate 71:


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Just got my first Ultraviolet movie last night...Flixster is running some promotion where if you use Facebook to log in you earn a free Ultraviolet movie at random (mine was ""He's Just Not That Into You""). After installing the Flixster app on my iPad I successfully streamed and downloaded the film and it played quite well. After this experience, I'm actually quiet impressed with the service, though I do not like how digital copies are now split between iTunes and Ultraviolet by studio. While I can indeed access both libraries at will (except for FOX films on iCloud) I do find it annoying to go to different sources for my films. Let's hope it gets better later on...

Just thought I'd drop a line.


I first noticed this on Sunday night during the scene with Theon and Balon. When Asher entered, Theon called her Yara. At first I thought I hadn't remembered something correctly from A Clash with Kings, but I looked into it and sure enough the producers changed her name to Yara. They say they did this to prevent confusion with the wildling Osha.

They also did this with young Robert in the first season (changing it to Robin) to prevent confusion with King Robert.

What do you guys think of changes like this? Obviously, these aren't major plot points and I'm sure those will all be intact, but I was taken aback when I saw the Greyjoys and expected to hear Asher, only to hear something else.

Nevertheless, I love both the books and the TV show. They've done a terrific job and if the only thing I can question are slight alterations to names of characters, that's pretty good. (and the Stannis/Melisandre sex scene)

Would love to hear your thoughts on minor changes like names.

Love the show!


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