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Frame Rate
Episode 74

Frame Rate 74:

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So last week I found myself with nothing to watch on TV. Taking a cue from all the episodes of Frame Rate I've seen, I decided to start watching original programming on YouTube through my Xbox. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome, as I found myself enjoying ""geeky"" shows about table top games and sci-fi/fantasy novels. There were a few minor blips when it came to buffering (at one point my connection dropped which made it a MAJOR pain to re-log in and find where I left off). Still, it was such a great experience that I really gave more thought to the whole cord-cutting concept.

And then came the upfronts. Though I work in digital, I've been included in some of the TV upfronts. To be honest, I was blown away, not just at the slate of upcoming programs and shows in the upcoming months, but even at the scale and level of professionalism these marketing decks/videos/presentations had. I mean, it helps to get millions of dollars (compared to normal online display/video sites), but I can definitely see why marketers, advertisers, etc. still favor traditional broadcast/cable over other forms of media.

That being said, I am pretty excited to update you guys that an all-digital (heavy online video) advertising campaign I put together actually got approved over a mixed plan (with traditional TV). Industry shifts rarely occur overnight, but things are (slowly) changing!

Best, Derrick

Now I know you guys haven't done an ethical vs legal in a while, but I think I have an interesting one. I recently took over as the Network Administrator at the company I work for, and in the process of cleaning the data room I stumbled upon an external hard drive my predecessor left behind. Here's where it gets interesting this hard drive had probably 30 - 40 clearly pirated movies most of which were garbage or movies I have already seen. My question: What is your opinion on the legal, and ethical implications of me deciding to watch a few of the ones that actually look interesting. I look forward to hearing your thoughts love the show, keep them coming.

Thank you, Sean

Justin Robert Young is absolutely 100% correct! Our plan is to subscribe to Netflix Streaming, watch every new episode of Arrested Development, then cancel Streaming. And I can't be the only one.

Keep up the sexy! Best show on TWiT!"

J. Bryan

I was watching last week's ""What We're Watching"" segment and really agreed with Brian's sentiment about The Legend of Korra appealing to the college kids who watched Avatar when they were younger. Being one of those 19-year old college kids who watched Avatar when I was 15 (on Brian's recommendation, actually), I actually thought the same thing while watching it. It did get me thinking, however, of the culture of cartoons and how it's changed over the past 20 years. My parents, and even my brother, who is 26, always find it a little strange when I watch cartoons or Super Sentai (the Japanese show upon which Power Rangers is based. I do a podcast about it: Podcast Sentai Power Rangers, find it on iTunes) because when they were young, cartoons had always been for kids. Sure, you have your Simpsons and Family Guys and South Parks, but beyond the ""adult cartoons"", people don't think of stuff like Cowboy Bebop or Batman the Animated Series that van c enjoyed by a large age range. Some of the best parts of Toy Story are things I didn't catch when I was 7, but understood when I was 17 and Woody called Buzz ""Buzz Light Beer."" Anyway, I think I'm rambling, so I'll bring it around with a question: what do you guys think about the shift in cartoon vulture from ""kid's TV"" to just ""TV."" Also, weren't kids shows much better when you were kids? Today's children's programming just seems very crass and inappropriate...



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