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Frame Rate
Episode 76

Frame Rate 76:

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Is it possible that studios allow movies to be made knowing that they will make no money on them and take the loss as a write off?

ie: John Carter of Mars

What are your Thoughts?

Thanks, and love the show a weekly done of internet TV goodness with a dash of Bourbon.


You've often spoke of Aereo. I've just completed a beta membership sign-up and, if you would like any information or screenshots, please let me know. At this time Aereo runs only on iOS devices (via Safari browser oddly enough) and Roku. The interface is easy enough to use and the recording is straightforward. It allows for 40 hours of record although it hasn't marked anything off the 40 hours available that I've recorded so far.

The stream quality is rather like Roku's Netflix app. It starts out rough and then the adaptive streaming brings the quality up to a preset level which was quite good even set at low levels. They offer low, medium, high and ultra quality levels.

Aereo allows for up to 5 devices assigned to the account. As has been mentioned on the show before, they are limiting sign-ups to NYC. (Although I'm not in NYC. Shhhh.)


Eva had mentioned early in the show that she was a cord cutter and watches Hulu all the time because of this. THEN she mentions that she is watching the new season of Game of Thrones, but is behind by three episodes.

How is she doing this if she doesn't have a cable/satellite connection??? Hmmmmmmmmm

Just curious.



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