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Frame Rate 79:

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Below is an audio question for Brian about channel numbers.



Hi Tom and Brian, on episode 78 a listener/viewer of the show emailed about suggestions for an internet set top box and where to find comparisons on the many different models. To help out with this problem, about a year ago, your friend Veronica Belmont started a Google doc, that was left open for users to add to and edit the ever changing field of such devices. Hope this helps!

Luke from Charlotte, NC

set top box comparisons

Just responding to the email from the guy who was denied internet from AT&T. I'm sure you got millions of mails that give a more technical (accurate) explanation, but here goes:

This exact thing happened to a friend of mine who moved to a small town and wanted to get DSL. Here in South-Africa we only have DSL (no cable) internet and worse, only one DSL provider. While we have many ISP choices, the wires are controlled by the national telecoms company.

To get to your confusion, the exchange boxes outside each neighborhood that connects the homes to the larger DSL network can only handle a finite amount of connections. In many cases, this number is lower than the number of consumers in the area. It is thus perfectly possible that your neighbor can have service, but he occupies one of all the used connections and that there is no more connections left for you.

The only options are waiting for the provider to upgrade the hardware on the exchange (and sometimes they are unwilling to do this for just one user) or wait until someone drops their service and a connection opens up.

Hope this clears it up!



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