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Frame Rate
Episode 82

Frame Rate 82:

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I'm a 49 year old, single, childless, heterosexual male hooked on Adventure Time with Finn & Jake... thanks alot spike head.


I'd like you to walk through a hypothetical scenario for me:

What would happen we threw a switch and ALL video DRM disappeared (or all DRM for that matter)? What would the business impact be? What devices or inventions are now possible? What would the world look like? I realize that this won't cure cancer, but I would be curious to know how the world would look different to you guys.



In response to your discussion regarding the Xbox, there's definitely a direction Microsoft is moving with the brand that I think became especially clear during E3. Given the huge success of the Xbox, Microsoft seems to be rebranding their suite of entertainment offerings under the Xbox name. This year, whether it be on Windows 8, mobile or the gaming console, Microsoft will likely attach the Xbox name to their Games, Music, and Video services (e.g. Xbox Games, Xbox Music, Xbox Video, Xbox SmartGlass), which if you think about it, would be along the lines of what we see with Google Play and Apple's iTunes/App Store.

Cheers, ddawg

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