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Frame Rate
Episode 86

Frame Rate 86:


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Interview with John Cabrera of H+

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"I'm watching the frame rate episode about dish dropping Amc on the roku box dish sent me. They sent me this box and a 35 credit to purchase the show via amazon to make up for dropping amc.


A friend and co-worker of mine, whose day job has been Visual Effects Supervisor on numerous projects, most frequently Bones. Spent his own money (I've heard differing amounts) and put together this 20 minute Y The Last Man fan film.

It's getting a little buzz around the net, but thought that this would be right up your alley to discuss, or at least mention.

Keep up the awesome show."


Y: The Last Man Rising

I totally disagree with Brian. He thinks Aereo will advance reform of copyright law. That is total bull shit. Supporting Aereo is saying we do not need any reform of copyright law. Aereo operates within the current confines of the law, so if we can just use Aereo, then we do not need any copyright law. I am totally with the guy that wrote that article and Tom in that we need radical copyright law reform and the only way that will happen is if the content companies realize that people can get everything for free if they really wanted. That is what has happened with music and now we have beautiful cheap services that give you all you want like Spotify.

Just to correct one thing I said, I don't necessarily think we need radical copyright law reform, but we do need radical changes in the market. The point that Brian saying supporting Aereo will advance copyright law reform being false was my point.


Just a quick question, as a side bet, who would you pick to have the most box office dollars this summer between Avenger's co stars Chris Hemsworth (Avengers, Snow White and the Huntsman, Cabin in the Woods)and Jeremy Renner (Avengers, Bourne Legacy).

Hemsworth is at $808,673,201 at the time of this writing. Justin and Sarah have a good chance of cracking the 800 million mark, but could an all-Hemsworth draft beat out all of the hosts?



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