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Frame Rate 87

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A man's entitled to his irrational affection, what follows is in large part irrational pent up anger over previous design choices. I don't mean to be overly aggressive with the quoting, but 'legitimacy' pegged my spidey sense.

Last week Brian said : ""I have an irrational affection for these shortcut buttons. I love the legitimacy of there being a Netflix button, a Vudu button, a Hulu Plus button""

I finally bought a Roku recently and chose an older model that had no preset buttons and no games as I wanted what some brand 'the signature experience'. I also like my TV to just be a damn good TV.

When it was just one big red button it was easy to dismiss, especially since that service was the very reason for many to get devices like these. Make it three and now chances are at least one if not two go unused. Why these three? Where's Crackle, Amazon, HBO GO, CBS (and any other channel not part of Hulu) YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or any of hundreds of video sites? I want my MTV, er, Vevo!

Unless you subscribe to all available buttons then rather than a benefit they're useless clutter, worse, branded useless clutter.


Having looked at the numbers for the weekend, I don't think the unpleasantness in Colorado had much of an effect on the box office for TDKR at all. It outperformed the previous Batman movie, which sort of surprised me. However, it could have sold exactly the same number of tickets as did The Avengers - more even - and not touched the numbers The Avengers brought in. Two reasons. One, running time. TDKR is about twenty minutes longer than The Avengers. The longer running time leads to fewer showings per day. Also, no 3D. The Avengers was available not only in ""normal"" and IMAX versions, but 3D ""normal"" and 3D IMAX. The 3D options are more expensive than their 2D counterparts.


Hi guys, names Nate, cord cutter for about a year. Roku owner for 6-months. Frustrated with that lack of functionality on Roku and looking at alternative devices. I feel like I am ready to graduate to a more powerful platform and am currently looking at 3 devices. 1. WD TV Live: Looks great on paper. Lots of content options. Easily access stored content on my network. Supports a wide variety of media formats. Concerned about the openness, longevity, and extend-ability of the platform. 2. Vizio Co-Star: As a die hard Android user on a budget I love the thought of this device but am not sure if it can ever live up to its potential without modification and am kind of scared off by provider blocking. 3. Nexus Q. Love the thought of hacking this thing into the ultimate media center but not sure if this solution will turn out to be as good as a cheaper device.

I'm not scared of DIY projects but don't want something that's just cobbled together or I have to spend an inordinate amount of time on. Should I go with a different or more powerful solution like a full blown media center. Or maybe wait for one of the new XBMC boxes. Not sure what kind of functionality I might want in the future and which solutions are flexible enough to keep me from purchasing new hardware every year.

Your insight would be greatly appreciated,


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