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Frame Rate
Episode 88

Frame Rate 88


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You and Tom are both right. The podcast was NPR's On The Media, and they talked about mikes and foley. The archery was miked with normal mikes well placed. Gymnastics used contact mikes for a hyper-real sound of equipment groaning that might not normally even be perceptible, and the rowing and horse races described were all foley. Loved the show."


I have been using Hulu Plus to watch Community lately and hate having to still watch commercials. Would you pay more for no commercials for the same content? How much would you pay? I want all of the shows that they have but I hate paying for a service that is premium but still has commercials."


I asked my brother how the Olympics coverage from NBC was online. He has DirecTV. Here's what he said when he tried to sign up online on the NBC site...

""Ha... the level of directv I have, doesn't allow me to play it.""

He has the lowest DirecTV tier. So much for seeing the Olympics online as along as you have a carrier contract.

That's some bullllllllsheeeeeeiiit right there! What a lie!!

FrameRate is one of the best shows around! Keep up the great work guys!!!


Cord Cutter since 2009."

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