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Frame Rate
Episode 89

Frame Rate 89:


  • Andy Armstrong Technical architect for live media streaming at the BBC
  • Hexten

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Remember the musician Gotye ?

Had a huge hit with ""Somebody That I Used to Know"".

And as usually happens, tons of fans have been posting their cover versions or remixes to YouTube.

However, rather unusually, Gotye himself has now taken a slew of fan made cover versions and remixed them into the ultimate remix cover version of his own song."


Dudes i'm a cord cutter from a suburb of Houston and i have to say building your own antenna is easy and only cost me $2. I live over 30 miles from the antenna farm and i get everything on my antenna that consists of a strand from an rca cable thumb tacked to my wall. I have zero line of sight to the antennas. The hardest thing was finding the website that showed the formula determining how long the top had to be to pick up the vhf pbs station. All the fancy fractal designs they say you need, are unnecessary


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