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Frame Rate
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Frame Rate 9

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Hey guys, here's a supposed image from the new Thundercats cartoon that @filmsack just tweeted:

I know it's only 1 image, but I like the designs...

Jason from Hothchester, NY

I just watched episode 8 and thoroughly enjoyed your discussion on Netflix. I've been using Netflix since 2007 and love the ability to stream shows and movies. I completely agree with your assessment on where content distribution is headed. In fact, my wife and I recently dropped AT&T Uverse because we couldn't justify paying $74/month for the 10 channels we watched and 190 channels we didn't. We now have a Windows Media Center box that records over the air broadcasting (which is a little over 45 channels and sub-channels in the Houston area) and runs Netflix, Hulu Desktop and Boxee in a surprisingly well integrated setup.

We've found that we are actually watching more content on our TV now than when we had Uverse. Through Media Center, we're recording old and new shows that come in over the air. With Netflix and Hulu, we get to watch an enormous library of additional TV and movies. It's also extremely easy to flip over to the TWiT app on Boxee and catch recorded shows or use the Watch Live function when we want to tune in live for shows like NSFW.

One of the greatest things about doing this is now Netflix is the only service we pay for other than internet service (which we're locked in at for $25/month for a year). Should we ever run out of things to watch, we always have the option of getting Hulu Plus. We'd also be fine with paying more to Netflix for additional content from companies like HBO because we're not paying the ridiculous amount every month for content we'll never care about. Keep up the good work on the show!


Notable Quotes

Tom on seeing George Lucas at the movie theatre:

"...when you just watched Red letter media and then you go and get in line, and you see the guy who was in Red Letter Media being made fun of, your like, that's real " - Tom Merritt


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