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Frame Rate
Episode 91

Frame Rate 91

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I tried watching H+ but I don't care for minisodes, takes me out of the story every few minutes while a new episode loads, there is no reason for minisodes especially since You Tube supports long form content, why not just give me a full show. Hope they learn there lesson and re-edit the show to make it more enjoyable.


"I'm a ""slingbox nut"", as Shwood called us in Frame_Rate_89. The biggest reasons I got the slingbox was to save time and money and uncomplicated my TV watching. I live alone, and have a home theatre with a nice TiVo Premiere in the living room, and yet I spend a significant amount of time on my computer in my home office. Prior to the slingbox, I had my old TiVo 3 with two cablecards upstairs. My slingbox not only lets me watch TV on my laptop or iPad when I'm travelling or just out and about, it lets me watch my primary TiVo upstairs. No more waiting while shows transfer from tivo to TiVo. No more deciding which TiVo to recording shows on. Plus my cable bill went down $16/month. The Slingbox paid itself off in less than a year.

Love the show, keep up the good work!


I think that if you let the Summer Movie Draft play out until September 14, you won’t have a four way tie for first. I project that the player realtimeserendipity will take sole possession of first place (and I am not this person), on the strength of his or her selection of Expendables 2 as last pick.

Anyhoo, it was fun playing in the Chatrealm, and fun to see Justin Robert shoot to the top. I look forward to seeing the show with the formal victory celebration.

And on to the Winter Movie Draft!


OC Alexander

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