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Frame Rate
Episode 92

Frame Rate 92


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Tod Kelly: video, xbmc setup of his

I just watched the last episode of the show and was totally surprised to hear that I was in fact #1 in the movie draft. As the supreme bad ass, I just have one I get a stupid ass trophy, too?"

R Serendipity

On Saturday night I came to a terrible realization: there may not be a way to get the new upcoming season of Arrested Development on DVD/Blu-ray, to place on my shelf next to the first three seasons! With the new season coming to Netflix exclusively, I wonder if they will ever release a physical version, or at least allow you to purchase it elsewhere. Any thoughts on if/when Netflix might release it elsewhere, and what does this mean for media ownership?


Wanted to chime in on the YouTube adverts. What you guys are referring to is the Instream TrueView placement, where a user can opt out after five seconds after an ad begins. Some points about the ad unit: The advertiser only pays after 30 seconds or upon ad completion (if less than 30s), even though opt out begins at 5 seconds. While most internet pre-roll ads are limited to 15 or 30 seconds, TrueView allows an advertiser to use a much longer video. It works great for entertainment, when you can use extended trailers or gameplay videos (for video games). I've personally seen the most success in videos ranging from one to two minutes Video ads have to be pre-roll/family-friendly; no excessive violence, R-rated, etc. Hopefully that gives a bit more of a view from the other end of the ad!



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